How do I Remove Candle Wax From a Wood Dresser?

Discovering candle wax on a wood dresser can be an anxious moment, particularly if the dresser is new, expensive or a treasured antique. Even a new candle can melt down on one side and allow hot candle wax to pool on your wood furniture. Removing the cooled candle wax is not difficult if you devote time and persistence to the project.

Candle wax is not difficult to remove from wood furniture.
  1. Allow the candle wax to cool before attempting to remove it.

  2. Scrape carefully and gently around the outer edge of the candle wax. Pushing forcefully in an attempt to remove all of it at once can resulting in scratching the wood surface.

  3. Discard all the pieces of wax, removing each section a little at a time.

  4. Move the scraper back and forth over the entire area once the wax pieces are gone in order to try to remove most of the remaining wax residue.

  5. Finish the task by cleaning the entire surface of the dresser with a wood cleaning product of your choice and a soft cleaning cloth.


  • Never leave a lit candle in a room by itself. It can easily catch something on fire, and it only takes a moment to re-light it once you return to the room.

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