How to Change Wallpaper on a Second Monitor

Replacing wallpaper in your home can be a headache--stripping and scraping off the old paper and then making sure you hang the new paper straight. However working with wallpaper on your PC monitor--and even on two monitors--is easy. If you are using two monitors with one computer, each unit can display a different wallpaper image. This allows you to quickly differentiate between the two monitors just by looking at them, as each monitor will be displaying a different image at all times as a background.

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  1. Drag your mouse cursor from your first monitor to your second monitor.
  2. Right-click on the desktop of your second monitor.
  3. Click "Personalize."
  4. Click "Desktop Background." Use the window that opens to select the image you would like to use as your new desktop background on your second monitor. Once your selection has been made, click "Save Changes." The wallpaper on your second monitor will now be changed.

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