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How to Remove Dry Strippable Wallpaper

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Strippable, or peelable, wallpaper is a sigh of relief for anyone who has tried to remove standard wallpaper. Standard wallpaper requires cutting, applying chemicals, soaking and finally peeling. Strippable wallpaper can be removed with one action: peeling.

Most newer wallpaper is strippable; if yours is, you'll have little to no trouble removing it.

  1. Examine your wallpaper closely to find where one section or strip of wallpaper begins and ends. Strippable wallpaper is applied in small sections, attached vertically on the wall.

  2. Pry off a small section or corner along the bottom of the wallpaper strip. You use this to grip the wallpaper.

  3. Pull the wallpaper up and away slowly until the entire strip is removed. If small sections stick, use the scraper or putty knife to help you.

  4. Repeat the process for the entire wall. A standard-sized wall will usually have ten or more strips.

  5. Clean the walls with a sponge and warm water if some of the adhesive is left. In most cases, you'll have very little cleanup to do.

  6. Tip

    If your wallpaper does not easily come off, it is not strippable wallpaper. Strippable wallpaper requires very little effort to remove.