How Do I Prepare Teak for Sikkens?

Teak is a hardwood that is prized for its beauty and durability. Sikkens makes many wood finishes, most of which can successfully be used on teak wood. Like any wood, teak must first be prepared before it receives coats of finishing. Old finishes, coatings, dirt and debris must be removed from previously finished teak wood pieces. Otherwise, the new Sikken finish will fail to bond adequately with the teak's surface.

Strip away any old coatings before applying Sikkens finish to teak.
  1. Strip old coatings off the teak wood. Use denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner to remove shellac or lacquer finishes. Use paint or varnish remover to remove paint, varnish, oil, wax or sealants. Brush the appropriate product onto the wood in the direction of the grain according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then wipe the liquefied coating off with a rag. Work in manageable sections and frequently switch to a clean section of rag to avoid re-applying the coating as you wipe it off. When the majority of the coating is rubbed off, wipe away any residue or stubborn spots with a piece of steel wool dipped in the thinner (again, rub in the direction of the grain).

  2. Sand the surface of the teak. Sand in the direction of the wood's grain. Use 80- to120--grit sandpaper to sand vertical surfaces. Use 60- to 80-grit sandpaper to sand horizontal surfaces.

  3. Brush away any sawdust or debris with a stiff-bristled brush.

  4. Wipe the wood's surface down with a rag moistened with acetone.

  5. Apply the Sikkens finish immediately after applying the acetone.

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