How to Preserve Rose Petals at Home

Rose petals are fragrant, attractive and represent romance and loving devotion. Whether you're a floral craft hobbyist or a spiritual practitioner, making use of rose petals doesn't have to be limited to the growing season in your garden. Preserving your fresh-picked rose petals allows you save them for future use, although the process takes some time.

Preserved rose petals can be used in soaps, paper crafts and Wiccan spells.
  1. Spread the fresh picked rose petals out over a baking sheet. Don't let the rose petals overlap other petals.

  2. Sit the baking pan aside for a week, either in a cabinet or off to the side on your kitchen counter.

  3. Place the petals, one at a time, into the jar you have chosen. Select a jar that is airtight once the lid is secured.

  4. Secure the lid tightly, allowing the rose petals to be safe from the air. This keeps them in preserved shape after they have been dried to prevent molding.