How to Remove Moss from Roof Shingles with Copper Sulfate

Edriaan Koening

Moss often grows on roof shingles because leaves that fall on the roof from overhanging tree limbs retain moisture. Copper sulfate works well to remove moss on roof shingles, especially when the moss is growing and rain is unlikely. You can use copper sulfate alone or a mixture of zinc and copper sulfate. Both will not stain most roofs, but they could react with red bricks.

Copper sulfate solution can help you remove moss.
  1. Cover the plants right underneath the roof with a large tarp or plastic sheet to prevent copper sulfate drips from getting on them.

  2. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 oz. powdered copper sulfate with 10 gallons of water.

  3. Spray the copper sulfate solution on the roof shingles.

  4. Thoroughly wash the metal eave troughs, downspouts and metal spray equipment with water to prevent corrosion.