How to Maintain Construction Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment used at the construction site undergo rigorous handling.

Protect airlines on contruction tools to prevent damage from motorized equipment.Protect airlines on contruction tools to prevent damage from motorized equipment.
From initial foundation development, to the final construction of the exterior trim, these tools are exposed to large amounts of dirt and abuse. Proper maintenance of construction tools and equipment is critical to preserving them for future construction jobs. Failure to maintain the tools properly results in unnecessary expense.

Clean the construction tools and equipment after each day's work. While a thorough cleaning is not required each day, a general wipe-down and removal of the heaviest construction dirt is key to extending the life of the tools.

Keep airlines and electrical cords protected from heavy foot-traffic and construction vehicles. Forklifts, or other motorized machinery, can easily cut or crush cords and hoses, preventing the tools from working properly, and creating potential electrical hazards. Cover the electrical cords with purpose-built ramps or casing.

Lubricate air tools and pneumatic equipment before each day's use. Condensation in the airline creates an environment for corrosion inside pneumatic tools. Coating the internal components of these tools with air-tool oil will displace the moisture and prevent tool corrosion.

Inspect and repair all construction equipment and tools at the completion of each job. Make all repairs to the equipment that are necessary for future construction work. This will prevent time being wasted repairing faulty equipment at future construction job sites.


  • Only use air tool lubricant as recommended by the tool manufacturer.

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