How to Clean an Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy floors often appear in garages and workrooms because these floors are more durable than most other types of flooring.

Garages have epoxy floors because these floors are more resilient.Garages have epoxy floors because these floors are more resilient.
They are resistant to chemicals and strong enough to withstand the most vigorous cleaning techniques. Even though epoxy floors are tough, they are not self-cleaning. This means you'll have to periodically tackle the task of cleaning your epoxy garage floor.

Mix a cleaning solution. Since chemical cleaners will not affect most epoxy floors, you can use most any household cleaner to wash the floors. Mix the cleaner with water to create the solution. The ratio of water to cleaner can vary. Add more cleaner if your garage floor is very dirty or if you haven't cleaned it in a while.

Use a soft bristle scrub brush to thoroughly scrub your garage floors with the cleaning solution you created. For areas with very stubborn dirt, spray the cleaner directly onto the area and then scrub with the scrub brush.

Rinse the entire floor with clean water to remove the residue left behind by the cleaner and the dirt you've scrubbed off the epoxy floor.

Rinse the floor a second time to ensure there is no remaining residue.

Use a wet/dry shop vac to remove all of the liquid and dry your garage floor. If you don't have a shop vac, use a squeegee and push the water into a drain in your garage.

Things You Will Need

  • Cleaner
  • Water
  • Soft bristle scrub brush
  • Wet/dry shop vac or squeegee


  • If the cleaner you're using doesn't seem to work well, switch to a stronger cleaner. Also, if your garage floor is greasy, such as with motor oil, choose a cleaner designed for cleaning grease stains.


  • Water-based epoxy floors are of a lower quality and harsh cleaning agents can potentially damage them. If you have lower quality epoxy garage floors, test the cleaner you plan to use on a hidden area before cleaning the entire floor.

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