How to Label Bulk Storage Tanks

No matter what their contents, bulk storage tanks must be labeled. This prevents anyone on your house or farm from accidentally opening up the wrong tank and helps you differentiate between products if you store a number of fertilizer types or chemicals in the same storage location. Labeling your storage tanks does not take a lot of time but it's very important. Add this to your list of tasks to do when you obtain a new batch of product so you don't forget.

Bulk storage tanks must be labeled.
  1. Move your bulk storage tanks to one area of your garage, barn or property. Depending on the type of tank, you may prefer outdoor storage to indoor.

  2. Write the name of the substance on the tank using permanent marker. For example, if you're storing 20-20-20 fertilizer, write "20-20-20 fertilizer" on the storage tank. Bulk propane tanks will already be labeled with the product name and weight, so you won't need to label these.

  3. If you're storing chemical products, such as pesticides, these come with labels that provide product name information. Slide the label into the plastic protector sheet and affix it to the bulk storage tank. Write the Environmental Protection Agency number of the location that sold you the product. Call your vendor to determine this number.

  4. Create a sign saying "Bulk Storage Area--[Product Name]." Insert the term for the particular product--insecticide or herbicide, for example. Write this out by hand or print it out from your computer.

  5. Slide the storage area sign into a plastic sheet protector to protect it from the elements.

  6. Attach the storage sign to the outside door of your storage area or to a nearby structure, if you're storing the material outside. Use thumbtacks, shipping tape or nails, as desired.