How to Remove Spray Paint Off of Wood Furniture

Heather Vecchioni

It happens to the best of us---in a moment of inspiration, we decide to spray paint our wood furniture thinking it will somehow enhance the object and add style to our rooms. Then we think better of it and are left in a state of sheer panic wondering how we can resolve the matter and bring the wood back to its original state. Fortunately, removing the paint and exposing the natural beauty of the wood is possible with a little help from a few products available at your local hardware store.

Return your wood furniture back to its natural beauty by removing any spray paint from its surface.
  1. Dip a paintbrush into paint thinner. Apply the paint thinner liberally to the furniture as you would paint---moving your brush back and forth to spread the product around the furniture. Be sure to get the paint thinner into corners and other obscure areas. Use a smaller paint brush or artist's brush to reach the areas, if needed.

  2. Allow the paint thinner to absorb into the wood. As each thinner varies in the time it takes to work, follow the directions on the product's label.

  3. Use a hand scraper to scrape the paint off of the furniture. Holding the handle, place the scraping end of the tool against the wood and gently push forward to remove the paint. Take care not to push hard into the wood and cause damage; try to keep the scraper just above the wood so that it only comes in contact with the layer of paint. Rub steel wool over the furniture to remove any paint remnants that were left by the scraper.