How to Install a Return Grille

Supply air registers supply rooms in your home with heated or cooled air from the furnace. Return air grilles return the air from the room back to the furnace where it is heated or cooled. It is then sent back to the room once again. If you have a dated return air grille, you may want to install a newer, more modern-looking one. Luckily, you do not need to call a heating and air conditioning technician to do this; it is a fairly straightforward task.

  1. Unscrew the old return air grille from the wall and discard.

  2. Measure the opening in the wall. You want the height and width measurements of this opening. This will be your return air grille size.

  3. Purchase the correct size return air grille from your local home improvement store. Many different designs exist. Some are flush-mount, which are ideal if your return air opening is high on a wall. Others stick out from the wall around 1 inch and work well for return air grilles in the baseboard area. White is the standard color. However, you can special order different colors and wood-grain textures to suit your needs.

  4. Place your new return air grille over the wall opening. Screw it to the wall with the provided screws.