How to Use a King Pin Reamer

Whether you will use it on a machine or use it by hand, your king pin reamer's function is to produce the most accurate and smoothest surface in bore, including that of a bush or a bearing. This will allow the bolt, pin or shaft to easily enter and achieve a good fit. This is why a king pin reamer is a lot better tool than a drill for this purpose. Many people have switched to this tool to produce a superior finish and for doing normal machining on one's lathes.

  1. Install your steering knuckle assembly in the vise with its brass jaws. You can mount the knuckle components in the vise either horizontally or vertically while performing the reaming procedure.

  2. Insert the king pin reamer into your steering knuckle until its blades touch your king pin bushing.

  3. Rotate the king pin reamer, applying light downward pressure in a smooth pattern. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure.

  4. Slide your king pin reamer out of the steering knuckle assembly's bottom part. Rotate your reamer opposite its cutting rotation direction if you need to remove it from the top.

  5. Clean and remove your king pin bushing material from your steering knuckle assembly, while making sure to remove the material from the assembly's grease channels and dimples.

  6. Use a wire wheel to clean the 5/8-inch bolts of the brake backing plate, and run a tap right through the lower steering knuckle assembly threads. Flush it out with your brake cleaner, and dry it with compressed air.

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