How to Unclog a Slow Toilet

Most clogs that cause a slow flush are made of organic buildup within the curves of the drain pipe. A flange plunger is the best tool for this type of clog. Flange plungers are designed to fit into the toilet bowl drain. Once you remove most of the clog and get the toilet flushing correctly, it's a good idea to remove any secondary buildup along the inside walls of the toilet drain pipe.

A slow toilet is usually the result of an organic clog.
  1. Position the flange plunger cup inside the toilet bowl drain. Push down on the plunger handle and then sharply pull up on the handle, lifting the plunger no more than an inch above the hole. Repeat this several times to clear the clog.

  2. If the plunger does not clear the clog, insert the cable end of a plumber's snake into the toilet drain.

  3. Rotate the plumber's snake handle clockwise to rotate the cable into the toilet drain and through the clog. Continue rotating the handle as you bring the cable end of the snake out of the drain. The snake will either bring out the obstruction with it or break the obstruction apart.

  4. Fill a small bucket with hot water and pour the water into the toilet bowl. The water pressure and the heat from the water help remove the residue left on the inside of the pipe by an organic clog.

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