How to Make a Portable Fence

Tami Parrington

Portable fences come in several styles and types that are moldable and movable. Moldable fences help property owners circumnavigate natural and man-made obstacles in a yard; they are typically constructed of either woven wire or electric wire. Portable fences are less expensive than permanent fencing and easy for one person to erect.

Woven Wire

Step 1

Use a t-post driver to pound metal posts along the desired fence line. Posts should not be more than 10 feet apart for stability. T-posts have a pointed bottom with a triangle-shaped blade at the base to help guide it through the ground without digging a hole. Drive the post into the dirt approximately 1-foot or until the blade is covered.

Step 2

Slide three wire cleats onto the top, middle and bottom of the t-post.

Step 3

Attach the end of the woven wire to each cleat on the first post. Unroll the wire and attach it to subsequent posts as applicable. Use a fence stretcher to keep wire roll taunt and prevent sagging. Secure the wire either to final post additional rolls.

Electric Wire

Step 1

Pound t-posts into the ground no more than 10 feet apart--along the predetermined fence line--with a t-post driver. Snap three insulated wire connectors onto each t-post at the top, middle and bottom.

Step 2

Run a single strand of wire along the fence line at the top, middle and bottom of the post insulators. Use a fence stretcher to keep the lines taunt.

Step 3

Attach the wire to the final post leaving an opening for a gate area. Attach a dead wire-loop not connected to the electrical wire to that side’s t-post on the opposite side of the gate..

Step 4

Connect a gate-sized piece of wire to the end of the fence wire on one end. Attach a handle insulator on the other end; it should connect to the dead end loop of wire.

Step 5

Attach a single strand of wire to all three wires at the beginning of the fence. That wire is the hot-wire lead. Run a wire from the electric fence charger to the fence line and attach to the hot-wire line.