How to Make a Table from a Planter Urn

Give new life to an old planter urn by making it into a side table. An urn planter can become the base of a table simply by placing a glass top on it. Since the table top is glass, you can place decorative items inside the urn to be viewed from above the glass top. Changing the items inside the urn to match the season makes a decorative display. An urn planter table is a unique addition to any décor. Clean the old urn and paint it if desired before starting this project.

Planter urns can become tables with little effort.
  1. Place felt protectors on the bottom of the urn's base to prevent it from scratching the floor.

  2. Fill the urn halfway with sand to give it weight if it is made of resin.

  3. Measure the circumference of the urn's rim, and divide that measurement by four to find the placement of the buttons around the rim.

  4. Mark the four locations around the rim with a pencil.

  5. Squeeze muti-purpose glue onto the backs of plastic or wooden clothing buttons and set the buttons onto the marks around the rim of the urn. Let the glue dry.

  6. Place the glass round table top on top of the urn.

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