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How to Lower the Height of a Table

Kate McFarlin

The standard leg height for a dining room table is 29 inches. In some cases, this may be too tall, particularly if the chairs for the table sit too low. Instead of buying new chairs to fit the table, lower the height of a table. You can lower the height of any table, provided the table has wooden legs. If you are trying to shorten a table with metal legs, you need to have welding and machining experience, or get in touch with someone who does.

Shortening a table can help when you have shorter chairs.
  1. Measure how tall you want your table to be. Subtract this amount from the current height of the table. This is how many inches need to be removed from the legs. Write down this figure.

  2. Remove the legs from the table. This makes it easier to cut them to the desired size with a table saw or a circular saw. If the table has fixed legs, use sawhorses to suspend the table in the air and hold it steady while you cut the legs to the necessary height.

  3. Mark the legs where you need to cut. Using the measuring tape, measure how many inches need to be removed from the legs. Use masking tape to mark the top of the cut line. Work slowly, and make sure your tape is level before proceeding.

  4. Make your cuts. Work slowly and do not cross the masking tape line. Wear safety goggles when working with saws and wood to avoid injury. If you are using a hand saw, work slightly below the cut line since the edges will be ragged; these need to be sanded down later.

  5. Determine how level the legs are before sanding. Sand the bottom of the legs until they are flat. Sand the bottoms using a medium-grit sandpaper. Check as you go to make sure the bottoms are level before proceeding.

  6. Apply rubber end caps to the legs. This covers up any rough edges that may be left over from sanding and protects your flooring.