How to Adjust an Air Nailer

An air nailer is a pneumatic tool that connects to an air compressor to drive a succession of nails quickly. Air nailers save valuable time on larger jobs when compared to hammering nails into materials by hand. The drive-depth adjusts for use on different thicknesses of materials to ensure that materials attach firmly to each other without the need for caulk or sealants.

Air nailers greatly decrease the completion time on large projects.
  1. Grasp the quick connector on the air hose at the base of the air nailer with one hand. Hold the air nailer with the other hand. Pull back the brass quick connector ring and pull the air hose out of the nailer.

  2. Place a slotted screwdriver in the adjustment screw near the rubber nose of the nailer. The screw is just above the safety over the rubber nose. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen it, but do not remove the screw.

  3. Slide the safety upward to increase the nail drive depth or down to decrease the nail drive depth. Tighten the screw in a clockwise direction to maintain the adjustment.

  4. Grasp the air hose quick connector and pull the ring back. Insert the air nailer into the hose. Depress the rubber tip of the air nailer against a scrap piece of wood and squeeze the trigger once to check the nail depth. Make additional depth adjustments as necessary.


  • Adjust the nail depth so the head does not sink under the surface. If a nail head penetrates the surface of material, caulking or sealant is necessary to preserve the integrity of the material from moisture.

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