How to Find and Build Log Cabin Housing Kits

Log cabin kits are a home building option considered green and affordable compared to traditional home construction. The allure of the log cabin home is deeply rooted in Americana, and options include everything from the basic log cabin to building a cedar log estate -- the only limit is your budget, land restrictions and your housing necessities. Today's prefab log homes can be built by the homeowner, contractors or the log cabin kit manufacturer, with all necessary components provided for, including the necessary log cabin plans.

Styles for today's prefab log homes range from the traditional to the luxurious.
  1. Develop a log cabin plan. According to Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes, the five major considerations before building a log home are land, design, financing, construction and budget. As for construction, decide if you will construct it yourself, be your own contractor or buy a kit that includes construction. Prioritize your design needs, including size and number of rooms, special bedroom and living area considerations. Also, depending on location, plumbing and electrical issues must be addressed. Many log cabin manufacturers offer a solar-design package.

  2. Find a prefab log home that fits your needs. Decide on the construction method and quality of the log cabin kit. According to Cowboy Log Builders, factors to consider are whether you desire turnkey construction and if a manufactured log home is sufficient, or a higher-quality handcrafted log home is preferred. Manufactured log homes can cost up to $170 per square foot, while handcrafted homes can cost up to $200. Cabin Kit Homes emphasizes the quality of prefab log homes versus regular log construction, taking into consideration whether the logs are pretreated and preshrunk. Logs shrink, crack, twist and check as they dry and settle, whereas many log cabin kits preshrink and treat their logs, minimizing future problems.

  3. Construct your log cabin home. Even if a turnkey home is purchased and the construction will be handled by the log cabin manufacturer, responsibilities on your part may still exist, such as laying a foundation, accessing necessary equipment, and obtaining building permits. Before committing to a log cabin builder, be sure to cover all the bases and determine your responsibilities and if there are any hidden costs.

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