The Instructions for Using a Wen Electric Chain Saw

A Wen electric chainsaw is a relatively simple piece of machinery, especially when compared to gasoline powered saws.

Using an electric chainsaw is a relatively simple process.Using an electric chainsaw is a relatively simple process.
However, you should still take precautions before using one of these electric chainsaws. You will need are a pair of protective gloves, protective goggles and the piece of wood that you intend on sawing into a smaller piece with your chainsaw.

Set up the wood you'll be cutting so that it's sturdy. It shouldn't be shifting around or leaning when you push on it. It needs to be solid.

Put on your protective gloves and eye goggles. You want to make sure that you're as protected as possible when you're using your Wen electric chainsaw.

Grip the hand bar behind the screen in your non-dominant hand. Grab the grip of the chainsaw (it should feel almost like a gun) in your dominant hand. Your index finger should be resting on the trigger. Press the trigger lock to free the trigger, and then squeeze the trigger to start the saw. Once the saw is running, press the blade against the wood you want to cut until you've sawed through it.

Things You Will Need

  • Protective goggles and gloves
  • Electric chainsaw

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