How to Measure a Band Saw for Blade Size

A band saw is a saw with a blade that is made up of a solid strip of metal with cutting teeth that moves around two wheels at very high speeds. Just like any other saw blade, band saw blades become dull over time and need to be replaced with the correct sized blade. In order to determine the blade size for a band saw, you simply make a few measurements, insert the measurements into a formula and solve.

Band saws function best with a sharp blade.
  1. Move the band saw's wheels to the middle of their tension-adjustment range.

  2. Measure the distance between the center points of each wheel. Write down the value as "D."

  3. Measure the radius of each wheel. Write down the values as "R1" and "R2."

  4. Insert the values into the following equation: (R1π) + (R2π) + (2D).

  5. Use a calculator to solve the equation. The resulting answer is the band saw blade length.

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