How to Extend a 32-Foot Ladder

Setting up a 32-foot tall extension ladder is a simple process.

A 32-foot ladder requires two people to set up.
However, it's important to follow all safety precautions when setting up the ladder to avoid injuries. Have an assistant on hand to help set up the ladder. This is the safest way to set up a tall ladder. Only use a tall ladder during low-wind days to prevent the ladder from falling. .

Look over the 32-foot ladder before setting it up. Make sure there are no cracks in the ladder, weak rungs, odd twists or any other structural or safety problems. Check the extension pulley system to make sure it's functioning properly and there are no frays in the pulley line. Look for exposed sharp edges. Tighten any loose bolts.

Inspect the area for doors, windows and other obstructions that the ladder could damage or could disrupt the placement of the ladder. Position the 32-foot ladder away from these obstructions. Place a barricade around the ladder in high-traffic areas or near doors.

Place the feet of the ladder against the wall. Make sure the extension portion of the ladder is facing the ground.

Pick up the 32-foot ladder from the legs rather than the back. Have an assistant help for greater installation safety. Walk the ladder up against the wall using the rungs as a guide. Position the ladder against the wall. Have the assistant help with every step.

Move the base of the ladder 8 feet away from the wall for greatest stability.

Have the helper hold the 32-foot ladder steady in the air as you pull the pulley system to extend the extension portion of the ladder. Take care not to hit any windows, trees, power lines or other obstructions as you raise the ladder.

Rest the ladder against the wall. Check the position of the ladder once more to check its stability. Make sure the extension portion of the 32-foot ladder rests on the top of the ladder. Have the assistant hold the ladder in place for stability as you climb it.

Things You Will Need

  • Safety helmet
  • Assistant
  • 32-foot ladder
  • Barricade


  • Always wear a safety helmet when setting up a ladder just in case an accident occurs. Always keep your body straight in line with the ladder as you climb. Leaning to one side can cause the ladder to tip.


  • Never climb to the top rung of the 32-foot ladder for safety purposes.

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