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How to Match Siding

Christina Hadley

Siding damage and mismatched siding repairs are visually unappealing. After several storms destroy or remove vinyl, metal or wood siding, you'll probably be left with the task of shopping for new matching siding. Your home siding may be more than 30 years old, which can make matching sun-bleached siding especially difficult. If your siding is fairly new, finding a matching replacement should be much easier.

Painting siding so that replacements match is an easy solution for mismatched siding.
  1. Acquire new siding from a home improvement store. If your home siding is fairly new, the home siding style may still be in stock at the store where you originally purchased it. Although your existing siding may appear slightly worn or faded, the new piece will begin to look like the old one as time passes. Additional matching efforts will be required if your original siding isn't in stock.

  2. Contact the original siding manufacturer. Sort through your home-building receipts and locate the name of the siding manufacturer. Pieces of your original siding may still be available directly from the manufacturer. This home-siding matching strategy is a long shot for those with old siding, but it has been known to work for some people.

  3. Replace the entire damaged section of your siding. You can create the illusion of matching siding by strategically replacing the entire section. This effort will make a subtle mismatch less noticeable. As long as the new siding is a close enough match, this solution may work, depending on the location of your siding's damage.

  4. Replace, prime and repaint all of your siding. Paint will make the new siding match. This remedy takes some effort, of course. However, it may still be a cheaper solution than replacing all of your siding at once. Matching siding is easy when the solution is covering it all with the same weatherproof paint.

  5. Blend mismatched siding with greenery. Install a network of stainless-steel wiring in front of the siding and grow a sucker-free climbing plant. This is a simple cheat if you've done all you can to match your siding and are about to give up. Erect supports and plant a vine that will climb and cover the mismatched siding without actually touching it.