How to Wire a Hotpoint Electric Stove

Most modern stoves use four wires. In the past, they only used three wires. The four-wire variant is the newest. This uses two hot wires and a neutral, plus a ground wire. The three-wire types use two hot wires and a ground only. These stoves typically operate at 240-volts with a fifty-amp rating. Stoves are one of the larger power users in a home.

Wiring a stove is easy.
  1. Locate the stove outlet. Verify that it has either three or four wires. Be sure that you have the correct cord. Turn off the power supply using the correct breaker or main breaker. Use the voltmeter to verify that the power is off at the wall receptacle.

  2. Remove the electrical plate cover on the stove. This usually has one or two screws. Once the plate is off, examine the plate to see if it has a clamp connector built into the cover. If it does not have a connector, you will need to locate one sized for the stove cord. This may be called a strain relief.

  3. Insert the stove cord into the connector. Loosen the nuts on each of the terminals. Follow the wiring instructions on the back of the stove. Place each wire separately on each terminal.

  4. Tighten the nuts on each terminal snugly. Tighten the screws on the connector. Reinstall the cover plate.

  5. Turn on the power. Verify stove operation.


  • If you are not comfortable working with electricity, have the work done by an electrician. Electricity can cause serious injury or death. Always double check to make sure the power is off before you start working with electrical wires.
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