Starting Instructions for a STIHL MS 250

The Stihl MS 250 chainsaw is in the occasional user class of saws. Homeowner's use this saw for cutting trees and trimming limbs on their property. There is a handy felling site guide on the sprocket and starter covers at 90-degree angles to help line up cuts. The MS 250 is lightweight but is powerful to cut quickly and place less stress on the operator.

  1. Press the fuel primer bulb inward five times. The fuel primer bulb is on the left side near the fuel tank. This pushes fuel to the carburetor for starting the engine.

  2. Push the front hand guard forward to lock the chain.

  3. Press the trigger interlock on top of the handle down and squeeze the throttle trigger inside the handle at the same time.

  4. Set the saw on the ground and place your right foot inside the handle. Place your left hand on the front guard and hold the chainsaw steady.

  5. Grasp the black handle firmly with your right hand. Pull the starter cord out slowly until it engages on the starter. There will be resistance on the starter cord when it engages. Pull the handle quickly in a short stroke while pushing the front handle down onto the ground.

  6. Move the master control lever to the starting position as soon as the engine fires. Use the cold start setting if the chainsaw has been idle or the warm start setting if it was running recently. Continue pulling the starter rope. Immediately squeeze and release the throttle trigger when the engine starts. The master control lever will move to the "Run" position.


  • Never operate a chainsaw that is leaking gas. Gas can leak onto the hot engine and cause the chainsaw to catch on fire.

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