How to Cut Limestone

Tracy Barnhart

Limestone is a versatile rock that is popular for building materials such as tile or landscape decoration. This sedimentary rock forms in a quiet ocean setting from a precipitation of the calcite mineral or the accumulation of calcium-carbonate-rich animal shells. Limestone is a fine-grained, soft rock that you can easily scratch and cut into a variety of shapes and thickness. You can find slabs of limestone in a variety of colors for your household projects.

Limestone is an attractive rock for household projects.

Step 1

Position the limestone on a flat surface. Mark the rock with chalk lines to indicate the areas you want to cut. For a precise size, mark the length, width and height on the rock surface with a measuring tape and chalk.

Step 2

Set up the wet circular saw according to the manufacturer's instructions. Don work gloves, safety goggles and a particulate dust mask before you begin cutting the limestone to protect yourself from flying debris and dust particles.

Step 3

Attach the limestone to the wet circular saw. Position the rock so the saw blade lines up with one of your chalk lines.

Step 4

Start the wet saw and cut the limestone along the first chalk line, following the saw manufactuer's instructions for operation of the saw. Reposition the limestone as necessary and cut along the next line. Continue the process until you have cut the limestone along all of your chalk lines.