How to Hook a 4500 Watt Generator to My House

Home generators can provide power to your house in the event of an electrical outage. A 4500 watt generator will give you enough power to run a small air conditioning unit, refrigerator, lighting and some small appliances. Wiring the generator to your main circuit box is dangerous and must be done by a licensed electrician. Safety laws require connecting your generator to a manual transfer switch or similar device, to prevent power being released back into the electrical grid.

Use a generator to power your house during emergencies.
  1. Consult a licensed electrician to help you choose a manual transfer switch to install on your main circuit box. The amperage of the switch must match the amperage of your power cord. A six circuit switch will be enough for a 4500 watt generator. An included wattage meter will help you track the power being used and prevent any overload.

  2. Call the local electric utility to have your installation approved and receive a certificate.

  3. Obtain a permit from the city to install your generator if necessary.

  4. Schedule an appointment for a licensed electrician to come out and wire the generator to the transfer switch and the main circuit box.

  5. Test the transfer switch once everything is wired to make sure it is working.

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