How to Move Ductwork

Ductwork is a system of flexible pipes or tubing that connects the individual vents of your home heating and air conditioning system to each room in your house. Ductwork is typically located in attics or crawlspaces in your home. From time to time, projects or work that you do in your attic, like laying insulation, will require that ductwork be moved or re-routed. This can be done very easily.

  1. Access the area where you will have to move the ductwork. Visibly inspect the area and decide which ducts you will have to move. Also look to see if there are any wood support beams that you can possibly hang your ducts from. There are bands called hanging straps, or panduit straps, that are used for just this purpose.

  2. Measure the length of the ducts you will have to move. Write the lengths down. Also make a note of the size, or diameter, of the ducts you will need to move. One of the most effective ways to get ducts out of the way is to simply elevate them from the floor by hanging them with hanging straps.

  3. Purchase extra flex duct, using the measurements you wrote down. Also purchase panduit straps.

  4. Remove the existing flex duct from the vent or pipe it is attached to. You can do this simply by pushing in on the two ends of the wire fastener that clamps the duct in place.

  5. Walk with the loose end of the duct in your hand to where the other end is connected to the vent. Without removing the other end from the vent, raise the flex duct up in the air and attach the first panduit strap to the duct work.

  6. Fasten that panduit strap, with the duct work looped through it to a rafter, using a hammer and small nail. Continue this process of attaching panduit straps to the ducting and fastening it to a rafter with a nail, walking and working backward toward the main connection you started from. You don't want the ductwork to sag a lot, so you should insert a new panduit strap and attach it to a rafter once about every 3 to 4 feet.

  7. Attach and join the new flex duct to the end of the ductwork you have suspended from the rafters. Simply slip one end over the other. Seal it off tightly with duct tape.

  8. Run the remaining ductwork back to where you disconnected it. If there is an abundance of flex duct left, cut it off with a pair of utility scissors.

  9. Attach the "new" end of your flex duct back onto the vent or pipe you originally removed it from. Use the wire fastener to hold it firmly to the pipe.

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