Instructions for the Homelite Leaf Blower Pull Cord Replacement

Ryan Anderson

The starter cord on a Homelite leaf blower is a key element in starting the engine, but it can become damaged over time due to moisture or repeated use. Repairing a starter cord at home rather than taking a damaged blower in to a repair shop can save both time and money and provide a valuable learning experience in basic power tool repair.

A leaf blower starter cord can become frayed and dangerous.
  1. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws fastening the two halves of the blower housing. Carefully remove the housing, exposing the starter assembly. The old cord will be wrapped around the starter pulley.

  2. Use the utility knife to cut the frayed starter cord so that it can be removed from the pulley without undoing the knot holding it in place. Note which direction the cord is wrapped around the pulley.

  3. Cut the new cord with the utility knife to match the length of the old cord, and use either the lighter or utility tape to seal the frayed end of the cord.

  4. Feed the new cord down though the starter guide to the pulley. Run the end of the cord through the hole in the pulley and tie a simple knot to keep it in place.

  5. Wind the cord twice around the pulley in the same direction as the old cord.

  6. Replace the housing and refasten the screws.

  7. Remove the starter bushing and handle from the old cord, using a screwdriver to remove the top from the handle. Feed the new cord through the bushing and then the handle so that the handle sits snugly against the housing.

  8. Trim off any extra cord extending from the handle while leaving enough cord to tie a knot. Seal the frayed end of the cord and tie a simple knot. Replace the handle cover.