How to Convert a Transformer From DC to AC

Transformers consist of a pair of mutually inductive coils that convey alternating current (AC) from one coil to another. One coil receives AC, which produces an alternating magnetic field; this magnetic field induces current in the other coil. Transformers only work with AC directly but not with direct current (DC). Use an inverter to convert a transformer from DC to AC using electronic circuits. Inverters are used to change a specific DC input voltage into a completely different AC output voltage.

Transformers work only on alternating current.
  1. Set up an inverter and connect it to the cable with the alligator clips.

  2. Join the cable's two-ring connector to the inverter's two terminals and tighten the nuts until they are tight. Attach the red cable to the red, positive DC terminal, and then connect the black cable to the negative DC terminal.

  3. Connect the battery to the inverter by using the cable with the alligator clips. Attach the black clip securely to the negative battery terminal, and then secure red clip to the positive battery terminal.

  4. Turn on the inverter by flipping the switch. The power light should come on.

  5. Plug your electric device(s) into the power inverter's two 3-prong AC outlets. The inverter circuit transforms direct current electrical energy into alternating current electrical energy. To do this, the circuit makes the available electrical current oscillate, or reverse, at intervals.


  • Avoid touching battery terminals involved in powering tools or appliances through DC-AC inverter.
  • Separate the wiring system and outlets from wiring connections to AC mains and mains earth when running appliances from a single inverter.
  • Do not connect an inverter to the permanent wiring of the house.

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