How to Clean Outdoor Pavers

Just like anything else that sits on the ground for a long period of time, pavers can become extremely dirty and need a good cleaning. While it may not have to be done on a routine basis, having clean and new-looking pavers can add value and elegance to any house. ,

Pavers can become worn and dirty over time.
  1. Pull up any weeds, moss or algae growing between the pavers. Begin at one end and work down to the other side of the patio or walkway. Throw all the trash in a garbage can.

  2. Sweep the pavers with a broom. Work from one end to the other and brush away any dirt that was thrown up when the weeds were pulled out. Brush all dirt and debris into a dust pan and throw it away in the garbage can.

  3. Connect the pressure washer to the garden hose and turn it on. Begin spraying the pavers, working from side to side, making sure to cover the entire area. Continue until everything has been sprayed and washed thoroughly.

  4. Apply household detergent to the surface of the pavers and spray them down lightly with a hose to remove any further waste that may still remain. Allow the pavers time to air dry. Inspect them to make sure they're clean.


  • Do not spray the pressure washer too hard or it will cause dirt to come up from under the pavers. Also the grass around the pavers can break off and pieces of dirt and grass can fly all over including into the house, causing more work and multiple things to clean up.
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