How to Prevent Fires

Household accidents cause multiple injuries and even deaths each year; unfortunately, many families are not prepared to avoid these accidents. To keep your family from becoming a tragic statistic, you should take all measures necessary to help prevent dangerous accidents, particularly house fires. Fires can be caused by many common items, and can occur in widely used areas of your home. Knowing how to prevent fires in your home is your best defense against disaster.

Simple strategies can prevent a fire disaster.
  1. Measure how far away potentially flammable items, such as hand towels, paper towels or curtains, are from the cooktop of your oven. They should be at least 3 feet away.

  2. Never leave anything cooking in the kitchen unattended for any period of time. This includes items cooking on your stovetop. Do not leave your home while the oven is on.

  3. Smoke cigarettes outdoors and put them out thoroughly before walking away. Dumping water on the cigarette butts can ensure that they do not cause a fire.

  4. Remain in the room at all times while candles are lit. Do not leave children unattended with candles. Use only sturdy holders.

  5. Move your outdoor grill 10 feet away from any other structure, such as your house or a tree, and never leave it unattended.

  6. Move space heaters a minimum of 3 feet away from all other items. Use your measuring tape to be sure.

  7. Service and clean all furnaces, stoves and fireplaces at least once a year.

  8. Keep flammable items, such as gasoline and other motor oils, in fireproof containers that have tight-fitting lids. Store them in the garage or shed and do not place them on high shelves.