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Safety Tips for Tiki Torches

Bailey Shoemaker Richards

While tiki torches are a fun addition to any yard for an outdoor event or party, they must be handled with care. Tiki torches can cause fires and burns, and should only be lit and used by adults. Taking proper safety measures when using tiki torches is the easiest way to avoid accidents and injuries.

Fueling and Lighting

Handle tiki torches with care.

Use only fuel that is purchased with or recommended by the tiki torch manufacturer to prevent leaks, accidents and fires. Open the top of the tiki torch to reveal the fuel container inside the body of the torch and fill it according to the manufacturer's directions for safety. Close the top of the torch and ensure that no fuel has spilled onto the top or sides of the torch, where it can ignite and cause the tiki torch to catch on fire. Keep the wick trimmed to roughly 1 inch in length. Light the tiki torch with an electric lighter, and keep hands and hair away from the flame.


Keep tiki torches placed several feet away from one another, or place them according to manufacturer's instructions. Do not place tiki torches underneath low-hanging plants or branches to reduce the risk of accidental fires, and avoid placing tiki torches near wooden furniture, such as a deck or patio; a tiki torch that falls over or is bumped can cause the furniture to catch on fire. Place tiki torches in open, visible areas of the yard or party space where they are easily visible to everyone and less likely to be knocked over. Ensure that tiki torches are firmly in the ground so that the wind does not blow them over.

Extinguishing and Storage

Most tiki torches come with a cap for putting out the flame when the tiki torches are not in use. Use this cap to stop the tiki torch from continuing to burn. Place the cap over the flame and hold it there until the fire has gone out; use it according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid injury. Store the tiki torches upright in a cool, dark place where they will not be tipped over or spilled. Empty the fuel containers into a safe gas tank before storing the torches and keep the tank with the torches.