How to Insulate a Bladder Water Tank

A bladder water tank is a tank with a rubber bladder inside filled with water. Insulating a bladder water tank is no different than insulating any other type of water tank. You want to add insulation, especially if the tank is located outside, to keep the water from freezing. If the water freezes inside the tank, it will damage the bladder inside the tank and require replacement. You can use batten insulation, and insulation blanket, or an insulation jacket. All these options are readily available at home an garden stores.

Insulation will help prevent water from freezing in your bladder water tanks
  1. Wrap the bladder water tank in batten insulation if located inside. Do this by wrapping the batten insulation over itself and securing it by wrapping duct tape around the insulation and down the side seams, so its does not come loose. Wrap heavy plastic around the insulation once affixed, and secure with duct tape as well, to protect the insulation from the elements and nature's creatures.

  2. Put an insulation jacket on the water tank. Insulation jackets usually come with a silver lining on both sides, simply fit the jacket over the tank and secure it with the fasteners or string provided, according the the instructions that came with your particular jacket.

  3. Wrap the bladder water tanks in an insulation blanket. Just like the batten insulation, you want to wrap the blanket over itself so that is fits the tanks snugly, then secure in place by wrapping duct tape around the insulation and down the side seams. If outside, use plastic to wrap over the insulation to protect it from the elements and nature's creatures.

  4. Wrap any exposed pipes coming into the tank and leaving the tank with heat tape to insure the lines do not freeze as well. You should change the heat tape on a yearly basis; heat tape is not meant for use year after year.

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