How to Decorate Above a TV Armoire

Armoires are ideal for hiding a TV when you only want it to be visible when you're using it. They also provide ample storage space for DVDs, other media equipment or whatever you want to keep handy but out of sight. Decorate around the armoire, such as utilizing the top of the armoire, so it's not just a bulky piece of furniture in the room.

Decorate the space above your TV armoire to add to your decor.
  1. Measure the space from the top of the armoire to the ceiling. Avoid using items that reach all the way to the ceiling or the space will look overcrowded instead of appealing. Leave at least 12 inches of open space.

  2. Hang a mirror or framed photo or artwork above the armoire if there's a lot of wall space above the furniture.

  3. Choose a single large object, such as a vase, sculpture or houseplant or group a few items together. Common items include three vases, large pillar candles, floral arrangements, models or framed pictures. If you hang something above the armoire, the other accessories should not interfere with the view of the hanging item.


  • Avoid overloading the armoire with heavy objects, as they can cause damage to your cabinet or TV.

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