How to Hide Telephone Wires

A common need in many homes is an additional telephone outlet or connection.

For Carpeted Floors

Many homeowners want to change the location of their land-line telephone, or place a computer in a spot where no current Internet connection exists. One issue with adding a telephone jack is having exposed wires running through rooms in your house. You will need to hide these wires to ensure children or pets do not play or chew on them. While not high voltage, it is unsafe to let the wires stay exposed.

Connect the wire to the existing telephone jack.

Pull the wire slightly taut and push it in between the wall's baseboard and carpet.

Move along the wall, using the ruler to push the wire in between the baseboard and carpet. There should be plenty of space to hide the thin telephone wire.

For Non-Carpeted Floors

Connect the wire to the existing telephone jack

Remove the quarter round off the baseboard with a pry bar and hammer for the length that you want to run the wire.

Tuck the wire into the open space with a ruler, making sure to place it slightly under the dry wall, so that the nails won't hit it when you reinstall the quarter round.

Replace the quarter round along the baseboard with hammer and nails.

Things You Will Need

  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar


  • Avoid demolition by tucking telephone wires into a plastic tubing, known as a raceway, that is run along the top edge of the baseboards. Many raceways can be painted to match your decor and frequently have an adhesive strip for easier installation.

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