How to Arrange With Gladiolus

The gladiolus is a cultured perennial belonging to the iris family. Gladiolus flowers have long stems containing several blooms, and several varieties and colors are available. The flowers are top heavy, and gladiolus arrangements require tall and large vases with sturdy bases. Once you purchase the correct vase, arranging is easy. Too many accompanying flowers and too much greenery can clutter the overall effect of your arrangement. Simply add a few monstera leaves as greenery for several gladiolus flowers and create a grand centerpiece or arrangement.

Make a striking flower arrangement using gladioluses.

Step 1

Pinch off any wilted or tired flowers near the bottom of each stem with your fingers.

Step 2

Remove any leaves to be submersed in the vase water to avoid rotting, which causes water to smell.

Step 3

Measure five monstera leave stems and cut each to measure 12 inches.

Step 4

Add 1 tsp. bleach to your vase and fill with fresh, cold water.

Step 5

Measure the height of your vase and double that measurement; the bulk of your flowers should double the height of the vase. Measure gladioluses from the end of the stems to the tip of the flowers and cut all stems at that measurement. Always cut stems at an angle for maximum water absorption.

Step 6

Arrange 20 flowers by evenly spreading them in the vase. Check for uniform height.

Step 7

Cut 4 inches off remaining 10 gladioluses. Feed them throughout the outer areas of the vase in order to create a bursting effect.

Step 8

Display the arrangement.