Jardine Olympia Crib Instructions

The Jardine Olympia crib converts from an infant crib into a daybed and, also, a toddler bed. The crib is available in four finishes: black, white, natural and dark pine, and can be assembled as a crib in a few short steps. The crib should come with bolts, screws and an Allen wrench. Jardine recommends having an extra person on hand to assist with assembly and that the crib be put together on a smooth, soft surface to ensure the finish does not get damaged during assembly.

An Allen key is the main tool you'll need for the assembly of this crib.
  1. Attach the right-front post to the slatted right end panel by putting the wooden dowel in the appropriate hole. Secure the two pieces using the 2.5-inch and 3-inch bolts and the Allen key that came with your crib. Repeat for the left-front post and slatted left end panel.

  2. Attach the right-front end panel to the headboard using a wooden dowel. Secure the pieces using the 2.5-inch and 3-inch bolts and an Allen key, and repeat the process for the left-front end panel.

  3. Join the mattress support to the posts using the Allen key and the 1.5-inch bolts. The mattress support should be level and center before you tighten all four bolts on the mattress support.

  4. Use 3-inch bolts and the Allen key to attach the front panel of the crib to the left- and right-front posts.

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