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How to Construct a Fire Wood Chute

Ashton Daigle

Traipsing in and out every time to cut firewood cam quickly become tiresome. That's why installing a good firewood chute is one way to cut down on the hassle. In many cases, fire wood chutes are installed when the home is built and the chute empties somewhere near the fireplace. However, you can easily build an add-on chute to either your garage or basement with a few supplies in a minimal amount of time.

Add a firewood chute to your home with a few tools.
  1. Determine where you want to locate the chute. Make sure there are no important wires or pipes in the wall where you are going to install your chute.

  2. Measure the dimensions of the square section of your roofing boot and write these measurements down. With a ruler and pencil, outline the dimensions of where you are going to cut through the wall of your garage or basement.

  3. Cut out the square where the chute is going to go, with a saw. If you have to cut through brick, you may need a special masonry saw. However, if you are only cutting through wood or siding, a standard saw will do.

  4. Mount the square section of the roofing boot over the hole. Use wood screws if you are working with wood. Use masonry nails if you are mounting the chute into brick.

  5. Slide the piece of PVC pipe through the circular hole in the boot, attaching it firmly with PVC glue.

  6. Set the bottom end of your PVC pipe over or into the crate the wood will fall into.