Quick Wallpaper Removal

Even the best wallpaper does not last forever; it fades, gets dirty and peels over time. But you probably have heard that it is a notoriously difficult and time-consuming task to remove wallpaper, particularly older wallpaper. Although it's true that wallpaper removal is never a snap, there are some tools and strategies you can use that can make it easier for you to strip the wallpaper from your walls so that you can freshen a room with new paper or paint.

Wallpaper removal can be quick and painless.

Score the walls. You can accomplish this in one of two ways: with coarse sandpaper or with a wallpaper-scarifying tool. The easier and quicker of the two methods is the wallpaper-scarifying tool. The more scores you make, the quicker it is to remove the wallpaper.

Spread an enzyme-based gel remover over your wallpaper. Be sure to put the gel over the areas that you scored so it gets under the wallpaper and dilutes the glue.

Blast the walls with steam from your iron or a garment steamer at the top of the wall. This will loosen the paper and make the removal process quicker.

Edge a broad knife between the wallpaper and the wall at the top, and peel it back carefully.

Continue to peel the wallpaper from the top down, using the knife when necessary, to completely remove the wallpaper from your walls.

Things You Will Need

  • Wallpaper-scarifying tool
  • Enzyme-based gel remover
  • Iron or garment steamer
  • Broad knife

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