How to Repair Chipped Lead Crystal

Sparkling crystal looks very nice on display in your china cabinet. However, when you use crystal glasses or vases, you can easily chip them, even when you exercise great care in handling. Smoothing a chip can be done easily in your home without the added expense of hiring an expert craftsman. You can smooth out minor chips with sandpaper or by using a special diamond-coated file.

Crystal saver file

A chipped glass can be repaired with sandpaper or a crystal saver file.
  1. Clean the crystal with a soft cloth, removing any dust or dirt.

  2. Moisten the crystal saver file and make a few light strokes over the chip, filing off the jagged edges. The file is coated with a coarse grit of diamonds, making it ideal for repairing any delicate material, such as crystal.

  3. Buff the formerly jagged spots with a clean cloth.

Silicon carbide 600-grit wet/dry sandpaper

  1. Moisten a small piece of the sandpaper.

  2. Wrap the sandpaper around a pencil or dowel.

  3. File the jagged edges gently. Once the chips are smooth, buff with a clean cloth.