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How to Melt Scrap Silver

Jeremiah Blanchard

The process for smelting silver ore and melting silver has been in practice for thousands of years. Silver has been used by many cultures across the globe in currency, trade, and jewelry or artifact design.

Silver artifacts are common throughout the culture of the North American Indian tribes, and were largely used in ceremonies and accessories to be worn for rituals. The process of melting silver has changed little throughout the years and requires only a few simple tools and basic smelting knowledge.

  1. Place your silver scrap material into a smelting cup. Ensure that your silver is of a pure content, such as sterling silver for optimum results.

  2. Grab the smelting cup with blacksmith tongs and place the smelting cup into the crucible. Heat the crucible to 1760 Fahrenheit and observe the silver melt.

  3. Remove the smelting cup from the crucible using the blacksmith tongs after the silver scrap is reduced to a hot liquid. This process should only take a few minutes.

  4. Pour the molten silver into the casting mold and allow it to cool for about 10 minutes. The silver should now be melted and shaped to the design of your casting mold.

  5. Tip

    You can use a silver stamp to make coins or to accentuate your silver designs. These are available at most crafts or jewelry making supply stores.


    Use extreme caution while handling molten metals. Wear appropriate blacksmithing gloves, face and eye protection when handling molten silver.