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How to Recycle Silver Solder

Julius Vandersteen

Silver solder is used to fasten electronic components to circuit boards, install pipes for plumbing, or create silver jewelry. Rather than storing leftover scrap pieces in a container and then disposing of it as hazardous waste, you might want to recycle. Make money by selling it for recycling, while helping the environment by keeping it out of a landfill.

  1. Collect waste solder in a container with a lid. When you are ready to recycle it, weigh it and write down the amount for your records.

  2. Go to a metal recycling facility's website and check the current rates for silver solder. Identify a facility that you want to work with, and contact it for information about whether it offers to pick up silver solder. You may have to transport it to the facility yourself.

  3. Bring or send the silver solder to a recycling facility, or arrange for the facility to pick it up if it is local and offers that service. The facility will separate the silver content from the rest of the metal it was alloyed with, such as tin, and give you a payment for the recovered silver.