How to Get Scratches Out of a Wood Table

J. Johnson

Scratches on a wood table can be quite unsightly, especially if they are toward the middle of your table. Coffee tables, kitchen tables, dining room tables and end tables are all commonly made of wood. This means that all of these areas in your home are at risk for damage from light scratches. While this type of damage may look difficult to repair, there are way to get the scratches out of your wood table for good.

Wood table scratches might be easier to remove than you think.
  1. Crack open a walnut or Brazil nut. The natural oil within the nuts can help you get scratches out of your wood table.

  2. Rub the walnut or Brazil nut over the scratches in your wood table. For best results, rub in the same direction as the wood grain.

  3. Wipe down the area with a soft cloth to help blend the natural oil of the nut and conceal the scratches.

  4. Use a felt-tip touch-up marker if the nuts weren't able to do the trick. This is a better option for larger scratches. Choose a touch-up marker that matches the finish of your wood table, and use it to color in the scratches.

  5. Color in a scratch with clear nail polish if the clear finish of your wood table has been scratched. Sand over the polish with 600-grit sandpaper once the table is completely dry.