How to Remove Cat Pee

Cats bring comfort and joy to many homeowners. When they're stressed or ill, though, cats can pee on carpeting, causing homes to become unpleasant and unsanitary. Besides emitting foul odors, cat urine creates apparent yellow stains on carpeting, quickly permeates and becomes more problematic over time. Promptly clean up cat pee before it soaks into carpet padding and permanently sets. It can be removed with a few simple supplies.

Untreated urine stains encourage cats to pee again on the affected area.
  1. Put on rubber gloves to prevent touching the caustic liquid.

  2. Blot the carpet with paper towels until all of the excess urine is absorbed. Place the soiled paper towels in the cat's litter box to encourage the cat to urinate in the suitable location.

  3. Saturate a clean cloth with cold water. Blot the carpet with the saturated cloth to wash out any remaining urine.

  4. Vacuum the moistened area with a wet vacuum cleaner to extract the water from the carpet.

  5. Apply a molecular-based pet odor neutralizer to the carpet as instructed by the product manufacturer. Allow the neutralizer to permeate the carpet fibers for five minutes.

  6. Blot the area with a clean towel until the carpet is thoroughly dry and the odor neutralizer is completely dissolved.


  • Test the molecular-based pet odor neutralizer on a hidden portion of the carpet to ensure no staining occurs.
  • Steam cleaners cause proteins in cat urine to permanently bond to carpet fibers.
  • Strong-smelling cleaning products encourage cats to continue peeing on unwanted areas.