How to Make Lines on a Backyard Basketball Court

Having your own basketball court in your backyard is a convenience whether you have a child who is interested in the sport or if it is a hobby of yours that you participate in during your free time.

With a Stencil

Backyard basketball court lines can be made with or without stencils.Backyard basketball court lines can be made with or without stencils.
Regardless of why you are placing a backyard basketball court on your property, the most tedious part is creating the lines for the court. You can either purchase a stenciling kit or complete the lines on your own.

Measure the dimensions of your basketball court with a tape measure.

Purchase a basketball court stencil that aligns with the measurements of your basketball court. The stencil kit comes with marks that are suitable for any surface. Follow the directions on the stencil package and outline the lines on your basketball court.

Paint the lines over the stencil with a paint roller to make the lines permanent.

Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry.

Without a Stencil

Attach the string to the plumb bob and drop the plumb bob from the top of a ladder through the center of the basket until is rests on the ground.

Mark the area where the plumb bob stopped.

Attach the chalk to the other end of the string and measure 19 feet 9 inches to the end of the string to the chalk.

Tape the end of the string that is not attached to the chalk to the mark where the plumb bob was.

Cut off 2 inches from the taped end of string and repeat the process.

Draw an arch from the center of the court that allows both ends to reach the baseline.

Draw a small line that intersects the arch where it measures 63 inches from the baseline.

Draw a straight line from the intersection point to the baseline using a straight edge.

Repeat the 63 inches measurement and lines on the inside and outside of the arch.

Place the masking tape along the inside edge of the arch as well as the outside edge of the arch.

Paint inside the taped stencil for the completed lines.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape Measure
  • Basketball court stencil
  • Paint
  • Paint roller
  • String
  • Plumb bob
  • Ladder
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Straight edge piece of wood
  • Masking tape

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