How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters are designed to cut off the ends of cigars so the stick can be smoked.

Cigar cutters can easily be sharpened.
An exact cut is very important on a cigar cutter for the cigar to burn evenly. There are three different types of cigar cutters and they all have recessed blades. The cutter will eventually wear down over time and need to be sharpened. Sharpening a cigar cutter is the same as sharpening a knife, only takes minutes and can have instant results that will be noticed by any cigar smoker. .

Inspect the cutter to determine how dull it is and where exactly it needs to be sharpened. Make sure the blade is out and not recessed so it can easily be sharpened.

Hold the cigar cutter in your left hand and the sharpening stone in your right. Turn your left arm slightly inward and make sure it is away from your body.

Line the stone piece up with the cigar cutter and carefully run it straight through the cutter. Repeat the process about 10-15 times or until the blade is the desired sharpness.

Inspect the blade to make sure it has been properly sharpened. Check to see that all the sides and the entire area are equally sharp and if necessary sharpen it a few more times with the stone.

Things You Will Need

  • Stone sharpener


  • Check the manufacturer of the cigar cutter. Many manufacturers will send a new blade when the old one is dull.


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