Homemade Goose Repellent Decoys

Many species of Canadian geese inhabit public and private land throughout the United States.

Canadian geese are deterred by predator and territorial decoys, such as owl and swan decoys.Canadian geese are deterred by predator and territorial decoys, such as owl and swan decoys.
Due to the palatable short grass in manicured suburban lawns, many of these geese migrate to suburban areas year after year, causing damage and a hassle for homeowners. Fortunately, several homemade repellent and decoys can discourage the geese from inhabiting your landscape without hurting the geese or damaging your landscape.

Tie a large, 30-inch-in-diameter helium balloon to a post in the area where the geese are living. Geese dislike objects that float above their heads, so one balloon every five acres may discourage them from inhabiting the area. Relocate the balloon every week so that the geese continue to be discouraged to inhabit the area.

Place decoys around your landscape to deter the geese. A dead goose decoy signals to the geese that your landscape is not safe. An owl decoy is a good decoy because it is a predator, while a swan decoy is also effective because swans and geese are territorial enemies. If you don't have these decoys at home and don't have the time or patience to make them by carving them roughly out of wood, you can purchase these decoys at fishing and hunting stores and in some large sporting goods stores in the hunting sections.

Install a scarecrow in your yard. A goose will not be able to differentiate between the scarecrow and an actual human form, as long as some part of the scarecrow is moving, such as loose strings, ribbons or straw, which can blow in the wind.

Nail white and black plastic bags to wooden posts. You can also attach bird-scaring tape to the posts, which have a reflective property that flash in the sunlight. Bird-scaring tape also pulses in a breeze, which produces a sound that deters geese.

Things You Will Need

  • Helium balloon
  • Owl decoy
  • Swan decoy
  • Dead goose decoy
  • Scarecrow
  • Bird-scaring tape
  • Wood post


  • Canadian geese and their eggs are federally protected in the United States, so never kill a goose or its eggs without a permit or special permission to do so.

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