How to Estimate Plumbing Costs for New Construction

One of the most important aspects of a new construction project is the installation of the plumbing. The Plumber Quote website explains that the installation includes pipes, toilets, septic tank, water heater and all of the plumbing fixtures. The process of estimating the cost of the plumbing installation is important for the plumber as well as for the individual who is paying for the new construction. It is critical that an accurate estimation is obtained so that the individual can choose the correct plumber and the plumber gets paid adequately for the entire job.

Estimate Plumbing Costs for New Construction
  1. Log on to the Internet and use a reputable search engine in order to locate plumbers in the area. Looking in the local phone book is another method for finding plumbers. The Plumber Quote website explains that an individual should meet with multiple plumbers and perform adequate research before selecting a plumber for the new installation job.

  2. Determine the overall size of the new construction project with the contractor, including a rough idea of what plumbing needs will be required. The Lowes for Pros website explains that plumbers will research a job and provide a bid to the customer. It is up to the customer to review the bid and decide whether or not to select that plumber for the job.

  3. Perform a price estimate for the entire plumbing project. The Lowes for Pros website explains that a plumber will perform the estimate and then present the findings to the individual. There are a variety of methods that can be used to determine the plumbing price estimate and using a few methods to ensure accuracy is advisable.

  4. Create the project estimate using specific computer software, a cost book or a hybrid. The Lowes for Pros website explains that plumbers use a variety of methods in order to reach an accurate estimate for an entire project. They base their price range on software indications, a complete list of the costs of the necessary materials and a comparison to past projects that have been completed.

  5. Present the estimate to the client and discuss any issues or concerns. The Plumber Quote website explains that the client and the plumber must both research the estimate in order to ensure that the price quote is completed professionally and accurately. The process of estimating a plumbing job is important so that the plumber receives correct payment for the entire job and so that the client selects a plumber who will provide the service at a price that is affordable for the individual.

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