How to Change Chinese Appliance Plugs to Fit American Outlets

Electricity in the United States is typically 120 volts and utilizes type-A adapter plugs.

In China, electricity is generally 220 volts and utilizes either a type-A, type-I or type-G adapter plug. Therefore, to use an appliance from China in an American outlet, you will need to use a voltage converter and possibly an adapter plug.

Determine the type of plug on the Chinese appliance. If the appliance has a type-I or type-G plug, plug the appliance into a type-A outlet adapter. If your Chinese appliance has a type-A plug, no adapter is needed.

Plug the Chinese appliance with the attached adapter, if necessary, into a 220 volt to 110 volt power converter.

Plug the power converter into a U.S. outlet.

Turn the power converter on. Your Chinese appliance will now work with a standard American outlet.

Things You Will Need

  • 220 volt to 110 volt power converter
  • Type-I or type-G to type-A adapter plug

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