How to Remodel & Enlarge a Bathroom

If your home has small bathrooms, one solution is to enlarge and remodel your baths by moving a wall or two and sacrificing space from another room.

Renovate and expand your bathroom.
Within this new-found space, you can update your bathroom's plumbing fixtures, lighting scheme and surface finishes. Remodeled bathrooms not only make for a more pleasant experience while getting ready in the morning, they can greatly improve the value of your home as well. .

Determine whether it is possible to gain extra space by moving the walls of your bathroom. Call in an architect or contractor to evaluate whether any of your bathroom walls are load-bearing or structural, and to determine if they contain plumbing pipes or wiring that might prevent them from being removed. Ideally, you could borrow space from a closet, hallway or other secondary space so you don't drastically decrease the size of another room.

Choose finish materials that complement the rest of your home, or establish a separate theme for your bathroom. Decide whether you want the design to be modern, traditional or eclectic. Select paint color for the walls accordingly, as well as a material for your bathroom countertop. You may choose to replace your bathroom vanity entirely to provide more storage.

Purchase new plumbing fixtures. This change alone can update a bathroom, especially if you have dated fixtures. Opt for new, water-conserving models or, if you are aiming for a more historic look, purchase antique plumbing fixtures that have been salvaged and updated. Coordinate the look of your sink, toilet and bathtub or shower for a consistent feel.

Improve your bathroom's lighting. Balance natural light with general overhead lighting as well as task-specific fixtures. Adequately light the vanity area with wall sconces or a bar fixture, and provide lighting for the shower and bath area by installing recessed can fixtures. Consider installing dimmer switches so you can easily alter the mood in the space.

Decorate your newly renovated and enlarged bathroom by purchasing new towels, rug and a shower curtain, and positioning a few accessories around the space. Some ideas include a matching soap dish, toothbrush holder and tissue-box cover, or decorative vases and framed photos. Though you will enjoy having extra space, make sure you don't clutter up your bathroom with knickknacks.

Things You Will Need

  • Architect's and contractor's services
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Paint
  • Countertop material
  • Light fixtures
  • Decorative accessories


  • Browse home decor magazines for inspiration for your bathroom remodel.
  • Hire an architect to help you maximize the use of your enlarged bathroom space.

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